Introduction to Quizlet

How to create study sets

This is a quick reminder of what we covered in our session.

Quizlet for teachers resouces

Useful link

Creating your own Elevate Eleven study sets

My advice is divide and conquer. Each person could

  • Be allocated a topic or area of interest;

  • Find the best of what's out there;

  • Copy and modify content adding images where beneficial;

  • Allocate them to the Elevate Eleven class;

  • When you have a lot of sets, Anita to create folders and then allocate a set to the appropriate folder

Tips & Tricks to remember

  • Once photos are created switch the terms and defenition using the icon on the top. Otherwise the image makes it too easy.

  • In settings for each game / learning mode you can select whether to answer with the term, the defenition, or both.

  • When you find a great study set check out the others created by the same teacher.

  • Should a student create a city set it will be instantly identifiable as the creators name is always displayed next to the set title.

Getting students to complete study sets

Students must have their own Quizlet account.

I would get the parents to create this but give them a lot of help in doing so.

I could create you a video for this purpose. Let me know if that would be helpful.

Warn them that an email address is required. Not all primary school students have their own email address. It's possible to use the parents email address but If the student forgets the password it's the parent that will receive the email to fix the password so it's better if the child has their own email account but that isn't always practical.

Files to create Study sets from


Baby animals

Compund word list


Prefixes and suffiixes

Common abbreviations

Vocab list

Words that are nouns and verbs

How to use Quizlet Live

Your kids will absolutely love this but before you can use it you must have:

  • Internet access at school

  • the ability to download the Quizlet app onto your iPads