Favourite typing Games

While typing games are fun they are not sufficient to learn how to touch type. They are however a great way of rewarding students for practicing. As they play students improve their speed and accuracy by beating their previous highest score.

Here are some of the games that are have been tried, tested and enjoyed by our students.


Here are some of our favourite FREE games Starting with easier games and work up to the more advanced.

Typing Ninja

keyboard ninja.jpg

This is a simple game that can be played once students know the home row of keys. Start with the Easy level.

This is an ideal game for students using typing solutions that teach the home keys first. For example, Typingclub.com or English Type. Ironically Typing.com does not teach the keys in this order and so is not compatible with this game, even though it is found on their site.


An addictive shooting game.

This starts easier and get harder, but students need to know the whole keyboard before attempting this game.

Typing wars.png

This is fun as students can compete against one another.

Students can choose the Lesson and difficulty that best suits their ability. To compete against others, they must select the same lesson.

Can you get on the Leader Board?

Nitro Type 


This fun, addictive FREE game, can be played once students know the whole keyboard including punctuation.

This video show how to create a Nitro Type Account

It requires students to Sign up and run a quick ‘qualifying’ race.

This video shows how to start racing others.

This video shows how to find friends to race against them