Touch Typing

Touch typing is a vital life skill. To learn to touch type there are two strict rules you must follow.

1. NEVER look at the keyboard as you type

To ensure students don't cheat Achieve Now supply a ‘blind’ keyboard.

Whenever you practice typing or play typing games it is
essential that you use this blind keyboard.

2. ALWAYS return fingers to the Home row

Click this link to see a Video for explaining Home Row Keys and finger positioning

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More helpful information

Why bother to learn to touch type?

Click here to read about the many advantages of learning to touch type.

Some of our favourite typing Games

While typing games are fun they are not sufficient to learn how to touch type.  Here are some of the games that are have been tryed, tested and enjoyed by our students.

Typing Speed Test

Once students know the whole keyboard, timed test should be done regularly to measure progress in both speed and accuracy. Click here for more information on Timed Tests.

typing test.jpg

This can be hard for new typists as they include capital letters and punctuation.  

If you find this timed test too difficult to begin with try Easier timed test 

Do test yourself.

That way you can see how much you have improved.


Nessy's new typing timed test.

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