Touch Typing

Touch Typing - Advantages

Touch typing is a vital life skill for every one, but for dyslexics there are even more advantages of home typing work and exams.

  • Once students have learned to type they can complete work much quikcer than writing by hand.
    As most exams are a test of speed as much as a test of knowledge this is very important.

  • Typed work is legible so is easier to mark. No marks are lost due to not being able to decipher handwriting.

  • ‘Touch’ typing enables correct spellings to be copied, as most exam now deduct marks for incorrect spelling this is super helpful.

  • Corrections and reorganisation is so much easier

  • When not in an exam students are provided with many helpful features that improve the quality grades, these include:

    • Spell check

    • Grammar check

    • Synonyms and Thesaurus

    • Having work read aloud (enabling proofreading)

    • Colour backgrounds to aid visual stress

    • Immersion reading

    • dyslexia friendly fonts

The advantages of learning to touch type in primary school is huge.  To enter secondary school with typing as your normal way of working is ideal.

Touch typing requires:

1. NOT looking at the keyboard

To ensure students don't cheat we supply a ‘blind’ keyboard.
Whenever you practice typing or play typing games it is essential that you use this blind keyboard.

2. ALWAYS returning fingers to the Home row

Video for explaining Home Row Keys and finger postioning 

Typing Games

While typing games are fun they are not sufficient to learn how to touch type.  

When playing games the blind keyboard must always be used.

They should be used as a reward for practising.  Always try to beat you previous highest score.

Here are some of our favourite games Colletion of games

Typing Wars: Return of the Keyboard

We recommned using these settings

  • Lesson         #10 Letters only : No shift

  • Difficulty      Beginner

  • Can you get on the Leader Board?

Nitro Type 

This can only be played once students know the whole keyboard.

It requires students to Sign up with an email address.

Typing Speed Test

Once students know the whole keyboard timed, test should be done regularly to measure progress in both speed and accuracy.

One of the best time test can be found on This can be hard for new typists as they include capital letters and punctuation.  

If you find this timed test too difficult to begin with try

Easier timed test 

Do test yourself.  That way you can see how much you have improved.


typing test.jpg

We recommend taking the 1 minute test

Nessy's new typing timed test.

You need a valid email address to do this.  If you don't have one of your own use