Who is behind Achieve Now?

Hi, my name is Caroline, and I'm a learning technology consultant with personal experience of dyslexia – all my three children are dyslexic, and perhaps unsurprisingly, so am I.

I set up Achieve Now to provide the help and support that I wish had been available for my own family.  I have seen first-hand the negative impact of children being incorrectly labelled as lazy, disruptive or just plain ‘stupid’.  I understand the disruption that dyslexia can cause for the whole family and the long-term effect it can have on the self-esteem and confidence of the child.  

Dyslexic children are often EXTREMELY BRIGHT BUT ARE underachieving academically due to a simple lack of knowledge

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A passion for transforming dyslexic learning

Having personally experienced so many challenges with dyslexia, I have a passion to see real change in how dyslexics’ needs are understood by parents, schools and even the children themselves.  I absolutely delight to see dyslexic children engage with learning and start to fulfil their personal and academic potential. 

Having worked in the IT industry for the first part of my professional life, I suspected that IT would provide some solutions to the challenges of traditional academic attainment.  My suspicions have since proven correct as I am now convinced that the effective use of IT is the cornerstone of transforming the dyslexics’ learning experience. 

The tools to transform dyslexic learning are out there.  They just need to be shared.


At the heart of Achieve Now is the belief that children benefit enormously when schools and parents work in partnership, equipped with understanding and practical advice.  My aim is to share what I’ve learned in a relevant, affordable way with every possible interested party.   

I hope you enjoy browsing my website to find out more about the work I do with children, parents and schools. 

If you have any questions at all about my work or are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Get to know Caroline better read an interview by Kent West Dyslexia Association

“I have always found Caroline’s presentations very informative and practical. She gives simple tips and easy to follow solutions which you can start using straight away. Resources are thoroughly researched and often available free of charge. I would definitely recommend her services.
— Specialist dyslexic teacher/ mother of two dyslexic children