Affordable Consultancy

Take advantage of our experience, we have done the research, so you don’t have to. Half a day’s consultancy could save you:

  • Years of in-depth research

  • Wasted money on suboptimal solutions.

We often suggest using free solutions, making this a very cost-effective service.

Consultancy sets you up for success

Consultancy can take place either in your own home or remotely via a phone/video conference. Both allow you to explore and select the most suitable solutions. Solutions are correctly installed on your devices and you and your children are trained on how to use them effectively.

Parents are not always in the best position to help their children utilise technology, even when they totally understand what is required, because:

  • life is busy;

  • the knowledge they need to gain is overwhelming, while their children could pick it up easily;

  • their children are not receptive to learning from them.

In these cases, you can utilise our consultancy service to empower your child(ren).

Consultancy @ Home

We come to your home and work with you on your devices.

What happens in a typical Consultancy @ Home Session?

We train parents and often their children to utilise technology, techniques and strategies that aid the revision process.
The initial session ordinarily takes a minimum of two hours, during which time we:

  • Ascertain which strategies/solutions would be beneficial;

  • Create user accounts;

  • Train how to use solutions;

  • Teach a structured methodology for learning & revision;

Afterwards we provide a post consultancy write up of the solutions covered.

Dependent on individual required, this might take longer or warrant two separate meetings.

How much does it cost?

£70 per hour + £20 per hour travel time.

Are you concerned that your child might be dyslexic?

Are you concerned that your child is not progressing at school?   Has school suggested that there might be an issue?  Have you been reassured that that there is nothing to worry about, yet you still feel concerned?

We can advise on dyslexia screening solutions.

These screenings are not meant to replace a formal Educational Psychologist Report, as they are nowhere near as rigorous or detailed. They are cheap options, priced between £10 and £30. Sometimes they are all that schools require to provide additional support. Alternatively, the results might help you decide if it is worth investing in an Educational Psychologist’s report.

We normally advise these to be completed BEFORE our consultancy session, so that we are in a more informed position to recommend appropriate solutions.

Remote Consultancy

In order to help families where distance or logistics prevent us meeting face to face, we offer remote consultancy. Essentially, the same service is provided as with the Consultancy @ Home service described above but using a phone or webinar rather than a face to face meeting.

Just talking to someone knowledgeable can save a lot of time,
money and frustration.

How does it work?

Initially we can talk on the phone but more detailed analysis requires video conferencing. We use Zoom (you don’t need an account to participate).

  • Through screen share, we show you slides and solutions in action

  • We create user accounts for solutions that meet your family’s specific needs

  • With your permission we can access your computer remotely, see and understand any IT problems you are experiencing and advise on resolving these difficulties  

How much does it cost?

Initial Phone Conversation is £70 per hour.

The one hour call is designed to get a thorough understanding of the needs you and your family have and of any areas of concern. We then suggest appropriate solutions and agree a plan of action.

Follow-Up Consultation is £35 per half hour slot.

Once the plan of action is agreed, follow up consultancy enables us to work together remotely to create all the necessary accounts and to train you and your family on how to use each of the solutions effectively.

Unlike face to face consultancy, where travel time/cost means that the sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, remote consultations can be shorter to ensure against brain overload.

Once you start using the solutions, 30 minute consultancies can be scheduled, to evaluate how things are going and answer any further questions.

Consultancy @ AchieveNow

This is the same as our @ Home service, but you come to our ‘home’ environment.
Parents need to bring:

  • your own devices,

  • text books, etc.

Without these, it is difficult to set up solutions for you to use at home. When a family uses desktops devices, it is better for us to visit your home or provide consultancy remotely. Where possible, it is preferable for us to come to your home.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are £70 per hour.


Coaching is an ongoing follow up and support for students whose initial enthusiasm and good intentions have waned after their Consultancy@Home.

Unlike tutoring, coaching does not require weekly sessions, where students are taught subject content, instead students are given guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Looking at what needs to be learned, by when and coming up with a plan of how best to do this

  • Finding information to aid understanding

  • Organising school work

  • Discussing strategies for making the most of school lessons

  • Teaching how to take great revision notes and convert them in to helpful quizzes

  • Working through a structured methodology for revision

  • Instructing on how to commit difficult information to memory to master a subject

  • Improving exam technique, working with past papers, mark schemes, examiners reports and model answers

  • Setting work to be completed before our next session

Coaching can be scheduled as required. Parental involvement while welcome is not always necessary.

How to book?

Please get in touch with me here.  

Payment is due at the consultancy/coaching time and can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.  If I cannot help with your query, I will be quick to tell you and any payments made will be refunded.

 What clients say

Thank you for your wonderful support. You make the overwhelming appear achievable.
— Elizabeth Nichloson, Mother of Hugh. One hours remote consultancy immediately before a school SEND meeting