­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­After School Learning Support Groups

Achieve Now provides fun, affordable After School Clubs in SW London and North Surrey. that support learning.

Where school budgets are strained, but parents are eager for their children to receive more support, an after school learning support group is a smart solution. 


As a consequence of the shortage of dyslexia tutors children are placed on waiting lists at a time when their young, plastic brains should be developing skills. If a child is falling behind at school, the sooner appropriate interventions are put in place, the sooner the achievement gap is narrowed.  

Clubs provide each child with a tailored programme to help them progress in specific areas that they struggle in. They not only help children catch up in their learning, they are designed to boost confidence and self-esteem.

We have two different clubs:

Achieve Clubs  

For primary school children (minimum age 7 years). Click here for more information

Elevate Clubs   

For secondary school students. Click here for more information

Schools can benefit from Achieve Clubs by

  • Hosting an Achieve Club run by Achieve Now in their school

  • Learning from our experience how to set up their own after-school learning support clubs.

When hosted by a School

  • Schools provide the facilities/a room with computers or tablets and access to the internet.

  • Schools publicise the Club to their parents.

  • Parents pay a very competitive fee compared to private tuition.  

  • Where enough parents sign up to make the group viable, we make spaces available for those who cannot afford to attend.  

If you would be interested in finding out more about having a Learning Support Group at your school do contact us.

What Do Parents & Students Say About Our Clubs?

 “My son Jaimon (aged 9) has been attending the Learning Support Group at Claygate Primary School for the past four weeks and I am stunned by the fact that he is happy to continue doing the Nessy Reading programme at home. In the past he’s had little ability and even less desire to persevere with anything learning-wise. He has defaulted to believing he can’t do it and therefore sets himself up to fail before he even begins. This programme, however, seems to have captivated him and he wants to carry on doing it at home! I’m in awe and believe I can see improvement with his reading already.

— Mother of Jaimon and David