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Raising attainment for students with Dyslexia

Copy of the slides used

Raising attainment for students with Dyslexia 25th March 2019

I have included a lot more slides than we had time to cover during the session.

Additional slides are included to fill knowledge gaps. However the slides were designed to be an aide memoire, they are not intended to be stand-alone training material.

I would welcome the opportunity to go over information in more detail with any staff who are interested.

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More information

Technology and techniques - Links to videos to explain areas we had insufficient time to cover

Helpful resources for teachers

Helpful Videos to explain dyslexia and encourage dyslexics

I am currently compiling information on Free technology that can transform learning and creating a YouTube Channel of short ‘How-to’ videos, if you subscribe to my mailing list I will contact you as soon they are available.

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