Local SEN Professionals 1st May 2019

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Video of the presentation.

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Additional downloads

Discussed during our session

Text to Speech (TTS) Guides of ‘How to switch on’, on different devices.

What computer should I buy to help my struggling learner(s)? A question I am often asked

Lots of other helpful information can be found in the Resources section of this website.

Additional Questions

I’ve been asked a couple of questions via email. I thought I’d answer them here once.

Where and when are afterschool clubs?

I am not running any clubs currently and don’t have plans to start. Instead I am working with families on a one to one basis. I have reduced my rates for local families that need help because we couldn’t set up a club this year as intended.

My affordable consultancy services are an efficient means of transferring knowledge to both families and schools.

Where are you teaching the new touch typing initiative described?

I taught my last one at Bell House, Dulwich. A fantastic venue but I am looking for something closer to home and would welcome suggestions.

The new type of course starts out similar to a conventional touch typing course, that is at a venue. One of the many differences is that students use their own machines (or I supply them), so I don’t need an ICT suite. It continues as a distance learning course at home for the following month, (which is why they need their own devices).

I have used Refresh Cafe, East Molesey successfully in the past and will no doubt do so again but if you would like to host one at your school or know of a child friendly hall with great internet access. Do let me know.

Could I ask a HUGE favour? PLEASE!!

To help others find my services I’d be VERY grateful if you could review me on Google. It only takes a minute, or even seconds if you just want to give a star rating. To help I’ve created Instructions on how to create a Google review.

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