Text to Speech (TTS)

Our education system relies on students being able to read to learn. This puts those that struggle with literacy at a disadvantage across the whole curriculum.  

Why disadvantaged accross the whole curriculum.jpg

Text to speech (TTS) reads text for students. This means they no longer need to be limited by their ability to read.

There isn't one TTS solution, but many.  The best one to use is determined by the device you are using and what needs to be read.  From a Word document to a webpage, there are a number of free TTS solutions which I will detail here.

Instructions on how to turn on Speak on a Microsoft Machine

Instructions on how to turn on Speak on a Mac

Instruction to turn on Speak on on iPad or iPhone

Download this information

To have your own copy of this information on your machine, it needs to be downloaded.

To do this:

  1. Open the file by clicking on the name

  2. Once open, right hand mouse click

  3. Select Save as

  4. Browse to where you want to save the handout on your machine

  5. Click Save