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Educate yourself so you can educate your child

Being a parent of a child with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) can be incredibly frustrating and challenging.  Often you can feel powerless and poorly equipped to really help your child. 

Dyslexia can be disruptive, affecting all family relationships.  And it can be costly as parents invest in expensive services and products that just don’t work.       


At Achieve Now, we aim to enable dyslexic children to fulfil their true potential.  The key?  Enabling you to access really valuable tools and guidance that will make a real difference to your child’s learning.  Our support is practical, flexible, affordable, and promotes family harmony.  It's exactly the support that I wish had been available for my own family.     

Literacy is not the same as intelligence

The challenges of helping your dyslexic child with learning can lead many parents to question “is my child stupid?”.  This false belief is understandable given how frustrating it can be to see your child consistently underperform academically and have all your best efforts fall short.  Sadly, this can be internalised by the children themselves, becoming self-fulfilling. It is important to remember that literacy is not the same as intelligence.   Dyslexic children are often extremely bright and with the right support and learning tools, they can be able to fulfil their potential.

How can we help?

·      Are you concerned that something just isn't right with your child's progress at school? 

·      Perhaps their school have flagged up there might be an issue? 

·      Have you been reassured that that there is nothing to worry about, yet still feel concerned?

Even if you are working successfully with your child we can provide fresh inspiration. 

Whether your child has a diagnosed SpLD or not,
if they are falling behind they need support.

Our services are flexible, enabling you to choose the level of support you need.  We provide:

·      Dyslexia Screening
A comprehensive assessment and report equipping you with specific ways to encourage your child’s natural talents and overcome key difficulties.

·      Harnessing IT for Dyslexics Workshop
A 2-hour introduction to the vast range of technology available to support dyslexics’ learning. 

·      Switched on Parents Course
A six-week interactive and fun course empowering you to best support to your dyslexic child.

·      Affordable Consultancy
Get personalised support and advice through a video or phone conferencing session.

·      After- school Learning Support clubs
Group coaching sessions to support dyslexic children develop academic success. 

IT transforms dyslexic learning

Achieve Now is about enabling dyslexic children to reach their full academic potential, and one of the most powerful and innovative ways of doing this is through the smart use of IT tools.  

IT comes naturally to children, but this is not always true of the parents. Dyslexics’ learning can be significantly transformed by adopting smart, user friendly IT packages.  From our experience IT significantly reduces the pressure for parents, allowing the computer to be the “bad guy” as it sets learning objectives, outcomes and provides feedback and correction.

IT learning tools can be portable, flexible and lots of fun for the child.  They also build confidence and self-esteem as the child begins to experience positive reinforcement, reward and a sense of achievement.  

Helping parents understand how to best utilise IT to support their child’s learning is a critical part of what we do and is central to all of our advice, training and consultancy. 

Whatever your IT literacy,
it is well worth learning how technology can make a difference for your child.

Caroline has been a huge help to me during my daughter’s struggle with dyslexia. The support that she has given us, has been such that we have easily followed and does not overwhelm us in any way. Freya has also gained confidence and thoroughly enjoys working with the technology introduced to us by Caroline.
— Mother of Freya Aged 9