Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
- Further information

To make up for what I was not able to show, and the fact that there were outstanding questions, I have uploaded some futher infomation, that include videos to YouTube.

(Please forgive my errors I want to further delay getting this information to you.)

A copy of the slides used on the 7th November

Text to Speech (TTS)

Guides of ‘H'ow to swich it on’, on different devices.

Preparing for Spelling Tests

I will update this again in the near future to include Dyslexia Gold - Spelling Tutor.

What computer should I buy to help my struggling learner(s)?

In time for Black Friday deals.

Videos to Encourage

For both you and your child / students.

How to create reminders

For both iPhones & Androids.

How To… Videos

AARRGGHHH!!! These are STILL in a state of flux.

I have spent many hour trying to sort out the problem but I didnt want to delay sending you informaiton any longer.

To ensure you are informed when the problems are sorted I suggest to follow the next link to subsciribe to my YouTube Channel, and follow me on Facebook.

How to recieve more helpful information

However please DELAY subscribing to my YouTube Channel for a few days as I might need to change the channel name. If I do I will amend the link on the web page below.