Dyslexia Awareness Week Offer
Workshop: Harnessing IT for Dyslexics

To support Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017, Achieve Now are offering dyslexia friendly schools the opportunity to host a free introductory workshop Harnessing IT for Dyslexics, for parents and staff (and where appropriate, older children) in October.  This is to help raise awareness of the technology available to transform learning for those with special educational needs and late developers who struggle at school. These workshops efficiently navigate the vast range of apps and IT solutions available.  Highlighting what technology is available, at what cost (many are free!), and the pros and cons of each.  We do not sell any product but give impartial advice. 

This initiative is motivated by a genuine passion to stop those with Dyslexia struggling needlessly when affordable solutions are available.  We understand that teaching leaves little time to research the ever-advancing solutions available

 If you are interested in hosting a free workshop, in October do contact us as soon as possible on 01372 469287 or email us as we expect to be oversubscribed.  It is honestly something for nothing!

‘An excellent presentation, packed with information to take home and digest at our leisure.’
I shall be constantly referring to your slides and look forward to practising many of the suggestions. I am putting some of the recommendations in a report that I am writing at the moment.
I really do think IT is the way to go for dyslexic learners.
— Polly Richardson, Specialist Teacher, Bucks