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How parents can support the revision process

Slides used on 17th June

They contain a lot more information than that we managed to cover in our session.

Revison Planning Sheet

Editable copy to be amended and printed for each subject.

Helpful website

Dont understand something?   
Take a look at the many links provided

Revision Notes

Worked example of how to create revsion notes for Cell Structures

Examples of learning options

Slides use with Students - Technology & techniques to aid revision

Pre-workshop student questionnaire

1. Revision - Why bother?

2. How do I revise if my class notes are rubbish?

3. Why do I forget information I've revised when in the exam?        

4. What can I do if I don’t understand what I need to learn?

  There are many places where your can find further information, and tools to help you learn.

         Take a look at the many links provided

5. How can I commit information to memory?

6. How can I better organise my revision?

7. Summary