Why IT for dyslexia intervention solutions?

Specialist educational interventions help children that struggle with reading, writing and spelling. Many interventions require a specialist dyslexia tutor. While they are effective there is often a shortage of trained tutors even when families have limitless budgets to pay for them.

Here are a few reasons why Tech based intervention solutions are so effective

  • Armed with headphones, each child can work on their own individual program to help them fill the specific gaps in their knowledg (even in a busy classroom)

  • If a child is struggling to understand something, there is no shame in repeating the same lesson over and over again. They don’t have to admit that they don’t understand.

  • IT is MUCH cheaper than paying for dyslexia-trained staff, making it attractive to budget constrained schools.

  • Repetition while necessary can be very dull and time consuming. Good computer games make repetition & learning fun.

  • It much easier to schedule a lesson with a laptop or iPad than a tutor with conflicting schedules and travel time restrictions.

  • IT lessons are portable and can be done when and wherever suitable, for example on an iPad in the car.

  • Solutions include built in rewards that motivate children to learn.

  • Rather than having to look over a child’s shoulder to help correct mistakes, you are free to assist other children. This is because the computer prompts, marks and corrects by itself.

  • Everything is recorded and most packages give excellent feedback so they provide a better understanding of a child’s abilities and progress.

  • The same IT solution can be used both at home and at school. This reinforces learning, and enables parents and teachers to work in partnership.

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Achieve Now has first hand experience of using many intervention solutions and can give impartial advise as to which solution best suits both your budget and the needs of an indivdual or class.

We don’t just advise we provide whatever help is required to get the solution working successfully. For example:

  • Install software

  • Create users

  • Train students, staff & parents

  • Monitor progress 

We don’t want to build a dependency on our service but to be a helping hand that trains schools or families as we set up soltuions.