Videos and online courses can be used to improve understanding. There are many excellent online resources that students can watch at home some of which are free.

These are fantastic for visual learners, plus they can be paused and information can be repeated at any time.

Here are a few example of free videos that can help with learning GCSE Biology

My GCSE Science              Biology: Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells

Crash Course                     Animal Cells        Plant Cells

Khan Academy                  Parts of a cell

IMPORTANT: When using videos to learn

Always ensure students write notes when they watch videos.  This will help them stay focused and remember the content. 
Students should store these notes in the correct section of their revision folder.  Then they can refer to these notes quickly to remind them of the content. 

This is far more efficient than spending time searching for the video and watching it again to remind yourself.

With videos remember you can  often change the speed it plays at.

Paid Version of My GCSE Science

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