Harnessing Technology for Learning


Why bother to explore learning technologies?

Technology is fundamental to helping dyslexics (and those with other SpLD) learn and achieve academically. 
Our workshops familiarise attendees with the vast range of technologies available and instruct how they can support learners.

IT can help schools overcome the time and resource constraints that persistently result in learners with SpLD performing poorly.

TODAY's Technology Can rasise attainment levels for all.   
school just need to know how to use it.

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Smartly adopting IT tools will enable teachers to help learners access the whole curriculum and not be penalised for struggling to read and spell. 

Through practical experience, we have researched and tested many educational technologies. This know-how is condensed into a focussed workshop, enabling us to help educators quickly navigate the huge range of learning technologies available.    


Benefits of hosting a workshop?

Workshop take into consideration the specific arcitechure, devices, and limitations of the school’s IT set up.

They are tailored to meet thespecific needs of your pupils and staff, providing an extremely efficient, targeted learning experience .

Our extensive experience, alowing can save schools investing in years of research to find suitable solutions and stop needlelss expenditure on sub-optimal products.

We enable schools to raise their attainment levels, delighting the pupils, parents and inspectors.

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Workshops - What do they cover?

We introduce the vast range of technology available, such as apps and software programmes, to help transform learning and ultimately boost confidence and motivation. 

Each workshop provides a good understanding of: 

  • What is available

  • The cost

  • Pros and cons of each solution

  • Real life problems encountered

  • How problems have been overcome

A wealth of information is provided to enable attendees to get up and running using products themselves quickly. 

Who should attend?

Learning support staff, Heads of both acacemics and pastoral care. class teachers, and teaching assistants, anyone who is involved in teaching children with SpLD.

There are many benefits of inviting the parents to attend. This increase partnership and collaboration between school and home.  Parents are often a willing capable and underutlised resources. Their attendance is critical when schools don’t have the sufficient budget to purchase life changing technology.

What people say about our workshops?

Caroline is very knowledgeable and very able to present to an audience. She speaks very well and managed to keep my interest levels high throughout. I felt I learned a lot that was worthwhile. Her presentation went across all age groups which would be suitable for both primary and secondary.
— Assistant Inclusion Manager Chesterfield
Many thanks for the PowerPoint and links - your presentation was really useful and I trust you continue to gain knowledge and understanding in order to go on encouraging and helping many others.
— Year 5 Teacher
Many thanks for the excellent presentation last evening. As an ancient specialist teacher/tutor I have heard many talks on the use of IT to support children with SEND and yours was the most pleasant, informative and straightforward. I usually nod off!
— Specialist Dyslexia Teacher

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