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The Learning Scientists

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A wealth of excellent resources provided free of charge by cognitive psychological scientist who have done extensive research on learning and education. Their vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students teachers and other educators.

These resources are not designed for learners with specific learning difficulties (SpLD), however students with these difficulties benefit greatly from better understanding how they learn and by utilising the techniques explained.

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Positively mad teaching tips

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Again this resource is designed to help teachers in general and is not aimed at teaching students with specific learning difficulties. However the teaching tips will certainly benefit students that find academic learning more difficult.
It contains 10 videos each approximately three minutes long. A tip from Achieve Now, each video has a 30 second introduction and a similar length close out. If you are short of time, skip them to help you get to the content quicker.

Positely MAD 10 teaching tips - Playlist

Also worth watching

While all the resources above will help those teaching students with dyslexia is also worth checking out our large selection of Videos to encourage dyslexics. These are not only great to share with students they also explain and clarify strengths and weaknesses of dyslexics