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Solutions used at our clubs

The solutions allocated to each student depend on their specific needs as identified through various reading tests and dyslexia screens.

Where possible we try to use solutions that involve playing games, so that they are not more of the same activities that students have struggled with all day at school.

Ideas of how to motivate children to work from home.  If you find anything that works for you, please share with me and I can add to this page.

Engaging Eyes

We allocate Engaging Eyes for students if their:

  • reading speed/comprehension is significantly below their age

  • initial Engaging Eyes session scores a level off 11 or lower.

Engaging Eyes Is a suite of vision games which are designed to improve SACCADES, CONVERGENCE, DIVERGENCE, JUMP DUCTION and EYE TRACKING.  As a result, it will improve students reading speed and comprehension. It should be played every day for several months. Every day 2 games will be recommended to play. They will take ten minutes or less to play.
Playing Engaging Eyes should make your eyes slightly sore! That means you are exercising the right muscles and it is working. 

Each student using Engaging Eyes should have brought home 3-D glasses. Please help them to remember to bring them to use at club. 

Some children find the target exercises uncomfortable or even painful. This is an indication of how much they need the program. Being very dyslexic myself, I struggle with it now, and wish I had had the opportunity to sort this out when I was younger. If your child strongly resists playing these games please do let me know.

The normal price for Engaging Eyes is £10 a month.

To find out more click here


We allocate CogniFit for students who have poor:

  • Working memory

  • Processing speed

  • Visual/Auditory Memory

Evidence suggest that you can increase a child’s working memory until the age of approximately 15 years.
Achieve and Elevate Club students are at an ideal age to take advantage of this.

If you can help a child improve their working memory, processing speed and other aspects of memory, it can result in an improvement in many academic areas, including reading and writing, enhancing concentration and learning agility.

The normal price of CogniFit is $15.99 a month.

The CogniFit program has been developed by a team of neuroscientists using the latest advances and discoveries in neuroscience. By associating those technologies with fun brain games, the CogniFit program makes each training session very effective.

To find out more click here.  This Cognifit webpage is extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend reading it.

Cognifit is helpful for students who:

  • Have low working memory or processing speed

  • Score low for visual or auditory memory

  • Achieve good reading speed and comprehension scores, to help them sharpen their memory skills.

Fluency Builder 

We allocate Fluency Builder for students who score low for one of more of the following:

  • Phonological awareness

  • Phoneme manipulation

  • Segmenting

While the majority of dyslexics struggle in these areas, they are not ordinarily taught in schools.

Fluency Builder starts off very basic indeed. Students often complain it is too easy and therefore boring.  If their scores show they are making significant fundamental mistakes we ask them to persevere until their scores indicate it is no longer helping them.  We keep an eye on this.

For more information click here

The normal price for Fluency Builder is £10 per month

Spelling Tutor

This like Engaging Eyes and is part of the Dyslexia Gold product group.

All the students will benefit from working on Spelling Tutor. It is however one of the least popular as it is the most like schoolwork. 

Students with a poor reading speed or comprehension are allocated other solutions to help them in these areas.  If students are happy to work on more than three solutions at a time, they would all benefit from using it now. However, not wanting to overwhelm, I would suggest using Spelling Tutor once reading speed and accuracy have been improved.

The normal price for Spelling Tutor is £5 per month