Give consideration to these attributes


It will be carried around in a school bag all day, therefore the lighter the better.


Many schoolbags are thrown around and stood on. Whatever you buy needs to be able to withstand being knocked about. It is very unlikely that devices will be covered by the school’s insurance policy. It is worth making sure that any device is covered by your home policy.


If a device is slow to switch on, it could put the user at a disadvantage when carrying out work in class. How long it takes to save work and access the internet are also significant.

Battery life

Give some thought to what the device will be used for throughout the school day and therefore how long it will be used. Is there somewhere at school where it could be charged up and kept safe?

Ability to save to the cloud

Being able to save information to the cloud as soon as it is created means students are less likely to lose work when transferring between home and school machines. Saving to the cloud is also useful if space is limited on the device taken to school.

Ease of printing

If students are required to print work at school, how they will connect to a printer?