Buying a new device - Factors to investigate

Before you make your decision:

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Lots of research is available

When I visit computer stores, I feel totally bamboozled by the RAM, processor, memory and many other available options.  I am not the best person to give advice on RAM and processors…  

I am a member of Which and I would recommend people check out Which’s Best Buy suggestions and Don't Buy warnings. I can wholeheartedly recommend Which but I understand that not everyone has membership. It is worth checking if they still do a 30 day free trial. Look at Performance and Portability in the Which reviews.

The web is full of reviews on laptops and tablets. However, do check the date of the review, as IT becomes outdated quickly.

 I am certainly not the best person to give technical advice on purchasing devices.    

Be aware!!

I've known parents invest in good devices but children ignorantly downloaded viruses that made them useless. No amount of uninstalling on my part helped. Further expenses were then required to clean up.  It is important that nothing is download without supervision. It is wise to make your children/students aware of Trojan horses when downloading seemingly harmless freebies.

The Google education suite of products and Chrome books are fantastic. However, be aware that you cannot run Windows products on a Chrome book but you can run Google products on a Microsoft machine.

How much to spend

Apple Macs and many other top of the range laptops meet all the criteria but are very expensive.  I would struggle with spending a lot of money on something that a child is carrying around all day.  

Using an old work laptop is a great idea to save money. However, you will need to check that the machine can power up and that everything required can be opened and saved quickly. Dyslexic students struggle sufficiently in class without adding the additional frustration of a slow machine.