What do I want my new device to be able to do?

It is useful to write a list of everything you want to do with the device, not only now, but perhaps 2 years in the future.

This is not an exhaustive list but it might serve as a helpful prompt.

·        Type and print homework;

·        Listen to soft copy: text books, notes, webpages, etc;

·        Take photographs of the board;

·        Take a photograph of a worksheet to then use a scan & text to speech solution;

·        Type notes in class;

·        Record notes in class;

·        Dictate notes/homework;

·        Work on a programme to improve literacy, for example Nessy, Lexia Core 5 and Units of Sound;

·        Set reminders to be more organised;

·        Working memory programmes, for example Jungle Memory or Cognifit;

·        Eye tracking solutions, for example, Engaging Eyes;

·        Revision solutions for example, Quizlets;

·        Learn to touch type;

·        Type class notes (not recommended unless excellent typist, and even then possibly not the best solution)

·        Dyslexia friendly word processor, for example Clicker.