Schools Consultancy Services

@School Sevice 

Achieve Now's @School Consultancy service is ideal for when you simply don't have sufficient available expertise on staff.  We do not want to build dependence on external resources.  Instead we provide a cost effective, experienced 'co-worker' who can train up your staff as they set up appropriate solutions. 

BENEFIT FROM An exPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGABLE EDUCATOR that can RELIEVE WORKLOAD and train up your staff as they work together.

Fees:  £70 per hour plus expenses.

Distance Consultancy Service

Where distance makes the journey to school unfeasible, we offer telephone or online consultancy. Using Skype or Face-time, we are able to screen share remotely so we can update your devices from our office.  If you are not familiar with these tools, we can send you out simple instructions to get you started.

Just talking to someone knowledgeable can save a lot of time, money and frustration


Initial Phone Conversation £60

During this one-hour call, I can get a thorough understanding of the needs of your school, and any areas of concern. I will answer questions you have, and let you know what has worked for others in similar situations.

Follow-Up Consultation £30

There can be additional questions post an initial consultancy that could be answered in a follow-up consultation.
In this 30-minute call, we can evaluate how things are going and answer any further questions you may have.


How to book

Please get in touch with me here and I will contact you to offer optional times for our consultation.  If I cannot help with your query I will be quick to tell you and any payments made will be refunded.

If you have any further questions do get in touch! I reply personally to every query. 


What clients say

Caroline worked at Esher Church School supporting the learning needs of dyslexic children and those that generally struggled with aspects of their spelling and reading. She used technology to screen and assess the children’s starting points, working closely with parents so that they could support their child at home. On a weekly basis, Caroline would ensure that each individual child’s progress was monitored. She made a significant difference in raising the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of dyslexia means that she is able to personalise the learning and move children forward at their individual pace.

Her passion, commitment and enthusiasm to supporting children with dyslexia is evident as she has a lot of personal experience that she brings to the job.
— Pam Bal SENCO