My-GCSE Science

This is an excellent resource to help revise all the topics on the Science GCSE syllabus. 

Comprehensive instructions to activate the account. 

To activate the Achieve Now License

This supplementary information is supplied as it is very important to input the correct information

How to activate account My-GCSE Science.jpg

It is very important that each student follows the login instructions EXACTLY as given.


No 5      Use email address as  user id

No 6      Password = Password (with a capital P)

No 7      School = Achieve Now Not your School.

No 10    Activation codes below.  This information will be deleted at the end of today.

Activation Codes

Name  Access Code

Amelie 8FD55C896D

Ben  32FB55C076

Benjamin 0AC5F635DA

Bertie 550035C695

Christopher  550035C695

Everlyn C82A7B1160

Evie D592AC84A0

George 60CD1BF37C

Harry F17BA047A3

Isabelle B4EAD0F6B0

Ivan 24C3FA6996

Izzy F500E69D91

Jack 663D8DA625

Jessica 3F864063B9

Louis B398E3C554

Lucy BCE6290D04


Nicolas EB2FA4FF7B

Noah 578066453F

Tess 97C40C076F

Thomas B02EAE4FB1

Tilly ADB6F1A0EB