Learn how to use technology that can transform learning by watching videos.

See examples of how each solution can be used with real life examples.

Initially designed to help dyslexics, the product shown have benefited many learners with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) for example, ADHD, ASD, dysgraphia, dyspraxia‚Ķ 

Most solutions shown could help anyone to achieve more, as the vast majority were created to make business more efficient not for the SEN market.

Join us in our mission to help learners reach their full potential.

To requests clarification, more information or request topics use the comments in YouTube.

Tips on using videos to learn.

Quick tips to aid learning when watching YouTube videos.
- Enlarge the screen to see detail;
- Pause;
- Adjust volume;
- Speed up or slow down;
- Jump forward and back at 5 second intervals.

Happy learning!!

Electronic Text Books

How can students benefit from using electronic text books?

We explore why, despite providing EXCELLENT dyslexia friendly functionality for FREE, it is SO underutilised in within the SpLD /dyslexic communites.
Even where school have become members they are not always using it to its full advantage.