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Points to remember when touch typing:

  • It is critical you login every time you practice. Otherwise your work will not be recorded and you cannot win prizes.
  • Use you use your 'blind keyboard' every time you practice.
  • Students can listen to music.  The use of a playlist is encouraged, to avoid stopping to select a track.

Home keys

Video for Typing explaining Home Row Keys.  It's is very important your fingers always return to the home row. 

Proof reading / correcting  exercise

Word Document to complete the proof reading exercise.

Chrome Book Students

It is not possible to use Miroscosoft Word on a Chrome book.  To complete the above exercise, students can work with a partner with a Microsoft machine. 

Chrome helpful functionality for BOTH Microsoft and and Chrome book students

Students with a Microsoft machine can still use Google docs functionality.  All students are advise to download the Read & Write Chrome extension featured in this video.

Google docs has similar helpful functionality when typing work.  Take a look at this video to find out more.

Typing Games

While typing games are fun they are not sufficient to learn how to touch type.  

They should be used as a reward for practising.  Always try to beat you previous highest score.

Nitro Type  This requires you to Sign up. We've entered an email address and have not had any spam as a result

Typing Wars: Return of the Keyboard

Lesson         #10 Letters only : No shift

Difficulty      Beginner

Can you get on the Leader Board?

There are also games on Typing.com

The timed tests on Typing.com are hard as they include capital letters and punctuation.  This is an easier timed test.  

Do test yourself.  That way you can see how much you have improved.

Typing Speed Test

Using Typing.com

typing test.jpg

We recommend taking the 1 minute test

Nessy's new typing timed test.

You need a valid email address to do this.  If you don't have one of your own use caroline@achievenow.org.uk