Helping Schools Improve Results

Most schools simply do not have the resources to give dyslexics the tailored support they need.  As a result, children with dyslexic tendencies often under-achieve

Free or very low-cost solutions exist that can transform learning for students with SpLD but frighteningly few schools take advantage of them.

Often schools do not know what IT solutions are out there. Other times, schools might be aware that technology is the way forward, but they do not have the budget or time to research the overwhelming number of solutions available. This results in students struggling needlessly, or poor purchasing decisions that waste budgets.

Benefit from Our Experience

We have a proven track record of enabling children with SpLD to reach their academic potential through simple strategies and the innovative use of technology. 


How can we help your school become SpLD smart?

Achieve Now empowers schools to raise attainment for students with SpLD without draining budgets or overburdening teaching staff. We do this by providing:

Affordable Consultancy

Tailored advice to determine the most apporopriate soltuions and pracitcal input to get students benefiting as quickly as possible.
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We also offer remote consultancy through video/phone conferencing sessions. 

Training in schools

Transforming learning through technology involves more than simply being aware of a solution. To ensure students benefit, comprehensive training is required for staff, parents and students.

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  • Staff training (INSET or Twilight)

Learn how to make classrooms SpLD friendly by helping students overcomie difficulties with literacy so they can concentrate on learning the subject being taught.

  • Harnessing IT for Dyslexics Workshops

An evening workshop for parents and teaching staff where we introduce the vast range of technology available to support dyslexics’ learning.  Equipping parents to support their children’s learning at home while making staff aware of common problems and how they can aid the learning process. Encouraging a healthy colaboration between home and school.
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  • Students

    - Dyslexia friendly effective revision technology and techniques

    A number of techniques and technologies are introduced that would benefit any student but are particularly helpful for students with SpLD. Our aim is to rasie each students expectation’s of what they can achieve and equip them with the tools to help them do so.
    One off half day session or weekly lesson for 1/2 a term.

    - Touch Typing Courses @ School

    Having students touch type with speed and accuracy is not only a valuable life skill, it also has the potential to reduce school expenditure and simplify logistics, as it reduces the number of human scribes required during exams.
    We have a two of options that we can provide on school premises: A weekly lesson for a term, or an intensive session for a week.

  • Learning Support Departments

Enable them to know specific solutions in detail so they are equipped to support students & teaching staff using assistive technologies.

After School Learning Support Clubs

Group learning sessions that help dyslexic and under achieving children to access technology and techniques to help achieve academic success and boosts confidence . 
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We are limited in the number of Clubs we are able to run but will provide training to empower school staff to run these extremely effective clubs internally.

How can technology transform learning?

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Caroline has advised our school on appropriate technology to use with boys who have a range of SEN within our school. She has been invaluable in researching and setting up appropriate programmes that we can use within the school. She has provided a ‘hands on’ approach in working within the school and in training the support staff in the use of specific programmes. Caroline has also liaised closely with parents in providing information and encouragement to persevere. She is keen and highly motivated, with a passion for encouraging students to use IT to support their learning needs.
— Janet Edmondson SENCO