When you help dyslexic pupils achieve, you help all students achieve more

Most schools don’t have the resources to give dyslexics the tailored support they need. Without specialised training, teachers are not qualified to make a diagnosis.  Teachers may not be aware of, or even have the time to adopt tools that could best support dyslexics’ learning. Parental sensitivities and unrealistic expectations can also make dyslexia a difficult subject to positively manage.

Historically this has resulted in children with dyslexic tendencies under-achieving.  Sadly sometimes the child, their parents, and even teachers, can assume that dyslexics are “stupid” rather than simply being receptive to a different style of learning.  This results in their innate talent being ignored rather than nurtured. No-one wants this to happen.


Literacy is not the same as intelligence

Too often dyslexics are thought to be less able than other children and can even sometimes be labelled as “stupid”.  This is a common belief among teachers and parents who have experienced frustration when helping dyslexic children to learn.  Sadly, this can be internalised by the children themselves, becoming self-fulfilling.  It is important to remember that literacy is not the same as intelligence.  Dyslexic children are often extremely bright and with the right support and learning tools, they can be able to fulfil their potential and engage fully in classroom learning. 

IT transforms dyslexic learning

Achieve Now is about enabling dyslexic children to reach their full academic potential, and one of the most powerful and innovative ways of doing this is through the use of dedicated IT tools. IT allows teachers to practically balance the dyslexic child’s needs within the context of a busy and diverse classroom.  Effective IT tools provide needs assessments, structured lessons, operate at multiple ability levels and provide instruction, correction and feedback, freeing up the teacher to focus elsewhere.  For the pupil, IT based learning can be fun, portable, flexible, and reward based.  Furthermore embarrassment and shame is minimized as children can repeat lessons in privacy, and instead confidence and esteem is built as children engage and start to enjoy learning. 

These benefits are not restricted to dyslexics.  In fact we believe that the potential for IT to transform classroom learning for all pupils is significantly underestimated.  

Benefit from our experience

Transforming learning using technology involves a lot more than simply buying a solution.  To ensure students benefit, much needs to be in place throughout a school.  Achieve Now has experience and can help you every step of the way.  A typical progression of educating a school can include training the:

  • Learning Support Department - Who can start introducing solutions to students

  • Teaching Staff - All teaching staff need to learn how to make their classes dyslexia friendly.

  • Parents - The solution used will depend on devices the students own. When parents are aware of the benefits they are highly motivated to adopt the solutions at home and where applicable make the necessary inexpensive purchases. Parents are an often underutilised resource as they have a vested interest in the success of the student, and are able to give valuable individual support.

  • Students - Even though students benefit greatly they are sometime reluctant to adopt new ways of working. These session make the benefits very clear and are therefore persuasive.

Achieve Now encourages a productive collaboration between home and school

Your school can become dyslexia smart

Achieve Now aims to empower schools become dyslexia smart in a way that saves money and doesn't overburden teaching staff.  We support schools to significantly enhance the academic achievement of dyslexic learners whilst also benefitting the wider class.  We provide the following:

·      Harnessing IT for Dyslexics Workshops
A 2-hour introduction to the vast range of technology available to support dyslexics’ learning.  Technologies explored will benefit all pupils. 

·      Switched on Schools
A six-week interactive and fun course for teachers providing a comprehensive exploration of ways your school can best support dyslexics.  It covers both the effective use of IT and wider issues including behavioural challenges, building self-esteem and working with parents. 

·      Affordable Consultancy
Get tailored advice for your school or class through a video or phone conferencing session. 

·      After- school Learning Support clubs
Group coaching sessions to support dyslexic children develop academic success. 

Caroline has advised our school on appropriate technology to use with boys who have a range of SEN within our school. She has been invaluable in researching and setting up appropriate programmes that we can use within the school. She has provided a ‘hands on’ approach in working within the school and in training the support staff in the use of specific programmes. Caroline has also liaised closely with parents in providing information and encouragement to persevere. She is keen and highly motivated, with a passion for encouraging students to use IT to support their learning needs.
— Janet Edmondson SENCO