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RNIB Bookshare

A free online service that provides curriculum materials for children and young people with a print disability in the UK, including those with  dyslexia.

For students to take advantage of this service their school must register for free membership, and assign a member of staff to be an administrator.

Schools need to register for this free service

To download books students need to have an RNIB Bookshare account.   Achieve Club students have an RNIB Bookshare accounts.

Video introducing RNIB Bookshare

After proof of ownership is provided, students will receive an email from UK education collection including a link that will enable the book to be downloaded.  There is a time limit of a week in which to do so.

Once you click on the link you will need to:

Login to RNIB Bookshare

Username         email address

Password          Password@1