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RNIB Bookshare

UK education collection membership is for educators supporting learners with print-disabilities and is provided FREE to organisations in the UK. There is small annual membership fee for non-UK organisations.

Achieve Now STRONGLY recommend ALL school register for an account
and use it for all print disable students

Here is a quick video to explain the the defenition of ‘print disabled’ and introduce how Bookshare works (suitable for children)

Click here to access a video explaining how to register for membership

To register for membership follow this link
It can take 72 hours to have an account authorised.
Accounts must be authorised before you can start adding members and downloading books.

RNIB provide many more helpful videos explaining how to use their excellent service

APPLY today so your students can benefit

RNIB provide excellent free training.

If you require additional support we would be delighted to help you.