Note Taking

Note taking is a vital skill which unfortunately students are rarely taught.

Good note taking can help students:

  • remember the content long after the lesson
  • remain attentive in order to write notes.
  • by forming the basis for great revision notes

When taking notes don't try to capture everything the teacher says, it is more important to understand what is being said. If you struggle to understand lessons, try finding out what it going to be taught and either: read your text book; or watch a video; on the subject.

If you struggle to write what has been said:

  • Ask you teacher to provide a copy of notes, or recommend a text book
  • Use the abbreviations discussed in class. 

If you struggle to understand your notes, try to review them as soon as possible after the lesson.

If you want more help honing your note taking skills watch these videos.

Helpful videos from YouTube

How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best Methods 6.5 minutes

Taking Notes: Crash Course Study Skill  9 minutes

Should You Take Notes on Paper or on a Computer?  4 minutes

How to take great notes - Wellcast. 5 minuters

When you watch videos to learn, always take notes. 

This will:

  • Stop you spacing out and not learning
  • Help you remember what you have learn

Always record the name of the video and even it's URL (if typing it is simple to cut and past) so you can easily find the video again if you need to.


How much have you learned about creating notes in class?

Quiz to see what you have remembered about note taking