Mind Maps

Mind maps can be extremely helpful for revision, particularly for visual learners.
Mind Map studios provide excellent online training to equip both students and parents excel at exams by using mind maps.

This video created by Darius explains the five main principles of Mindmapping in 5 min  

At Elevate Club we have explored using mind maps to summarise and help memorise information.  The act of creating a mind map forces students to understand the subject better.  A vital first step in learning.

Below are example of how mind maps could be utilised using information students are very familiar with, that is our 'Revision worked example - Cell structures'.

See a video Darius the mind map guru provided to help create a mind map from a text book.

This is the mind map Darius kindly started when making the video

Darius Mind map studio Cell structure.JPG


While there are advantages of creating a mind map by hand there are also advantage of using software to do so.

Here is an example of a mind map created using XMind.

Xmind map - Animal Cell structure.JPG

You can download XMind for Free.  You just need to enter your email address.

A copy of this mind map can be downloaded from here.


Here is a single mind map of all the information covered in our 'Revision worded example - Cell structures'.

Cell structure Mind map.jpg

The only way to find out if mind maps could help you learn your school work is to create some for yourself, following the instructions given in the video above that explains the five main principles of Mindmapping in 5 min