Quick login for Elevate club

Always use Google Chrome.
Some of the solutions used are only reliable on Chrome.


Achieve Now Mobile Wifi

For when location wifi not working / sufficient.    Network     MY WIFI EC76              Password    MYWIFI5166


To login
User ID:               
Use your email address,                                        Password:           Password (with a capital P)  
Alternatively your user ID is: students first and last names combined with no spaces.
For more details: Instructions to login


To log in go to  https://www.cognifit.com/
To sign in you need your email address.                                           Password            Password (with a capital P)


User ID          email address                                                                Password            Password

Dyslexia Gold

To login go to   http://dyslexiagold.co.uk/Account/Login     
Username          First name (Capital letter)                                        Password           Refresh
Here you can access 3 different solutions.  

  •    Engaging Eyes,
  •    Fluency Builder 
  •    Spelling Tutor.

For Engaging Eyes
Ensure                You are wearing 3D glasses
Keep working    Until Engaging Eyes tells you your time is up.

For Spelling Tutor

Ensure you have a pen / pencil and the text book you have been given.
If you cannot find the textbook please use a piece of paper which you can slot in the textbook later.
Please return your textbook to your folder, and always bring the folder into Elevate Club.