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While Quizlet is available over the web you can also download their App on your phone or tablet. The app has some additional 'Learn' features that allow you input the date of your exams and you will receive study reminders. It is available on both  iOS or Android.  Instructions for using Quizlets Learn on different platforms. 

Create your own study set

While you can type information in to Quizlet, it is much quicker to import information.  Data can be imported using cut and paste.  Try to create your own study set by importing your own data.

If you don't have any data try to use this Word document Digestive system Table.  Alternatively the same information can be cut & pasted from the  BBC Bitesize Biology web page.  (school security might stop you opening the Word document).

For a less simple example of importing data from a web page: Create a new Study set using  Characteristics of living organisms.  

BBC Bitesize

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Download their App on your phone or tablet.


Watch an introductory video.

Download their App on your phone or tablet.