Frequently Asked Questions 

Welcome! I've created these resources to answer the most common questions I'm asked.

I am Caroline, a dyslexic, married to a dyslexic, with three dyslexic children.  Thankfully all my kids are doing fine academically now but for a long time life was hard.  I wish I had known about Facebook support groups back then.  I think this particular group is wonderful, and want to do my part to help support fellow parents.  
More info about me and what I do.

My struggles forced me to learn a lot and I now work as a Learning Consultant providing the advice I wish had been available to my family.  I focus on technology that can transform learning

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Text to Speech (TTS)

Our education system relies on students being able to read to learn. This puts those that struggle with literacy at a disadvantage across the whole curriculum.  Text to speech reads text for students so that they are not limited by their literacy ability.

More information on Text To Speech (TTS)

Preparing for Spelling Tests

For many families, these are a weekly torture!

How technology can help children prepare for spelling tests


What to consider before buying a device 

It is widely claimed that technology can transform learning for dyslexics.  This often means that parents have to invest in a device, but which one?  It is easy to throw money at the problem but that doesn't guarantee that you will get the best device or that one particular device will be suitable throughout your child’s education.

What to consider before buying a device

Need encouragement?

When things are tough these videos might be encouraging.  Some videos include famous and successful dyslexics, which I know are not encouraging for everyone but the kids I teach normally love them!  There are also videos that include real life stories that inspire children to believe that they can succeed too.  

Videos suitable for primary children

Videos suitable for secondary children

Need help to better understand how & why dyslexics struggle in school.

While this video is dated, I think it is excellent and, in my opinion, it’s a MUST WATCH video for parents and educational professionals.

F.A.T. City.  How hard can it be?


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I run affordable workshops for parents, teachers and tutors.

I am based in Surrey and South East England and also offer affordable distance consultancy online.

If there’s a particular topic that you want me to cover, let me know, and I will try to include a relevant page.

If you need more detailed information, I offer affordable distance consultancy.

If you see an opportunity for me at your child's school, please do let me know!  Currently I try to contain my travel to South East England, but as my children get older and more independent, I will be able to travel further.

I plan to offer webinar workshops in the future. If you would like to know about future webinars or have a suggestion for a topic, again, please let me know!