Procedure for all new Elevate Club Students (first year)

1. Student and parent contact details

Every class will have a spreadsheet that contains, amongst other information. their names, mobile number and email addresses.  This is saved on OneDrive in the correct folder dependent on whether its a primary or secondary club.

It is essential a cut off date for registration in clearly communicated to parents.  This should be 1 week before the start date as much needs to be set up and bought for each student.

Every students and parent needs to have contact details created so they can be called / emailed when necessary. Students are texted regularly while parents are normally emailed as these have proved the most effective means of communication in the past.

Outlook contacts for every parent and child that register are created by extracting information from the Google registration form into a .csv file which is then imported into Outlook.  As an example the file use in November 2107 can be found here.  This video explains the procedure.

The easiest way to do this is to create a spreadsheet and import.

2.  Introduce to Achieve Now web site. 

Specifically to their student page - Password club  

Explain how this is set up to save them typing in complicated web addresses.

Get the student to save it as a save as favourite.  Obvious on own machine. If using Google Chrome students in school can login to Google accounts and have all their favourites saved along with passwords.  This saves time every week. 
I have asked all the parent to create Google accounts for their children, but there are small hoops they need to jump through if children are under 13 years. 

Typing.  I have found a better solution  Existing secondary students will continue to use

3. Create user- All students learn to touch type.

To do this sign in as a teacher.  

  • User  
  • Password   AchieveNow@65

To create students:  This would normally be done as a batch process where I upload a full class.  If adhoc creationis required

  1. username firstnamelastname (no spaces)  if already taken create something simple
  2. Students password = Password
  3. Add the student to the appropriate class

Explain the importance of not looking at fingers and give the blind keyboard and keyboard laminate.

4. Create CogniFit User

  • User          AN.Club.Tutor
  • Password  AchieveNow@65

Go to New Students

Invite new students using their email address

Creatte new student 1.jpg


Assign CogniFit user to S-CAB Assessment.

Create new student  SCAB.jpg
create new student SCAB2.jpg
cognifit SCAB 3.jpg

Then sign in as them - Before you can do this you need to logout of the teacher account. 
The student could join themselves but then we run the risk of them inputting a Password we cannot control

  • Select Join Today
  • Select For my own use
  • Input the students First name and email address

It should know they have a relationship with Achieve Now.  If you mistype the first name or email address it will not.  If this happens back out ASAP. 

Input the password Password and the students sex and date of birth.

If under 13 years of age input your own email address NOT the students parents


5. Do Dyslexia Gold Screen Password Screen 

To do the test the student needs headphones and a distraction free environment.


6. Create Dyslexia Gold user. 

Go to Dyslexia Gold webpage. 

  • Username = Name of the Club
  • Password = The Name of the Club

For example Hinchley, Refresh and Claygate

Dyslexia Gold sets the password to be the name of the group.

7. Do Engaging Eyes Reading Speed test

Sign in using the Dyslexia Gold user you have just created

Give the student 3D glasses and have them to do the Target Practice Game

8. Do Fluency Tutor Reading comprehension test

Sign in using the Dyslexia Gold user you have just created

Once the Reading test is completed have the student do the first Fluency Builder.

9. Spelling Test - Spellzone