pen 3 separate tabs on Google Chrome

  1. Typing
  2. Sound Reading
    Here you need to use a Student ID and the specific password that has been allocated to you.  
    This will be given to you on a strip of paper.
  3. Dyslexia Gold
    Username          First name (Capital letter) 
    Password           Hinchley
  • Select                Engaging Eyes  PLAY
  • Ensure               You are wearing 3D glasses
    Keep working    Until Engaging Eyes tells you your time is up.

Once you have completed Engaging Eyes, if there is time go to

  • Spelling Tutor - This will require a paper and pen / pencil.

4. Lets find out more about you, your strengths and weaknesses.  Click on this online Quiz



Dyslexia Quest


Sign in to Nessy

Secret Word                               Tiredbear
On the next screen
                                                   Enter your name  It should appear on a pull down menu once you start to type it in.
Select                                         Yeti Mountain
Watch the animation then press  Play
You will then be given 6 games to play.  They start off easy but be warned they get more difficult. 

Wear your headphones and concentrate.

Other Assessment


It is necessary to cut and paste your results into an email and send it to

Reading Words Quiz

Reading Quiz

Keep scowling down till you get to this screen

Input your name

In the email address.


Rather than cut and paste, enter Caroline's email  in the Your details section

Thank you for completing the Getting to know you Questionnaire

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Go to

Click the orange box on the right hand side of the page 'Try Our Free Reading Assessment'

Input your details, but remember NOT to input your parents name and email

Parents Name      Caroline Bateman