After-school Learning Support Groups

We run fun, affordable after school clubs to support learning in SW London and North Surrey.  

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Children often respond better when taught by someone outside the family.  Harmony is so much easier to maintain if a teacher sets homework, rather that a parent. 

We want to take the pressure off parents, freeing you up be a parent and not a tutor.

Each child has an individually tailored programme to help overcome their specific difficulties. 

Being part of a group helps spread the cost and
can be less intimidating for some children

These groups help children catch up, but more importantly they are designed to boost a child's confidence and self esteem. 

If a child is falling behind at school, the sooner appropriate interventions are put in place the the sooner the achievement gap is narrowed.

The shortage of dyslexia tutors in this area results in children being placed on waiting lists at a time when their young, plastic brains should be developing skills.

We have two clubs:

Achieve Clubs  

For primary school children (minimum age 8 years), to find out more, click here.

Elevate Clubs   

For secondary school students, to find out more, click here.

What Parents & Students say about our Clubs

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If you would be interested in finding out more or are interested in having a similar group at your school, do contact me.

“I am stunned by the fact my son is happy to do continue the programme at home. In the past he’s had little ability and even less desire to persevere with anything. This programme has captivated him! I’m in awe and believe I can see improvement with his reading and more importantly his confidence already.”
— Mother of Jaimon and David