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Use your email address, alternatively your user ID is: students first and last names combined with no                                 spaces. (Normally, but a few exceptions exist when names has already been taken) 
Password:           Password (with a capital P)

For more details: Instructions to login

Points to remember when touch typing:

  • It is critical you login every time you practice. Otherwise your work will not be recorded and you cannot win prizes.
  • Use you use your 'blind keyboard' every time you practice.
  • Students can listen to music.  The use of a playlist is encouraged, to avoid stopping to select a track.

Home keys

Video for Typing explaining Home Row Keys.  It's is very important your fingers always return to the home row. 

Proof reading / correcting  exercise

Word Document to complete the proof reading exercise.

Chrome Book Students

It is not possible to use Miroscosoft Word on a Chrome book.  To complete the above exercise, students can work with a partner with a Microsoft machine. 

Chrome helpful functionality for BOTH Microsoft and and Chrome book students

Students with a Microsoft machine can still use Google docs functionality.  All students are advise to download the Read & Write Chrome extension featured in this video.

Google docs has similar helpful functionality when typing work.  Take a look at this video to find out more.