Claygate Achieve club

We advise using Google chrome.

Students should aim to work on each solution for 10 minutes a day. Which solutions each child should be using dependent on their specific need.  We will advise each parent separately when assessments are completed.

To help you login when working from home

It is advisable to have all user IDs and passwords saved to stop having to re-type them every time you login.

To login
User ID:               first and last names combined with no spaces. 
(Normally, but a few exceptions exist when names had                                already been taken) 
Password:           password (with a lower case p)

it is critical students:

  • login every time they practice. Otherwise your work will not be recorded and you cannot win prizes.
  • use the 'blind' keyboard.

Please ensure you use your 'blind keyboard' every time you practice.

A new typing timed test. is available online.  Have a go and see how you get on.
You need a valid email address to do this.  If you don't have one of your own use  
Even if you do have a valid email address I'd welcome seeing the results so please do one and input my email address.

Dyslexia Gold 

To login go to
Username          First name (Capital letter) 
Password           Claygate

Here you can access 3 different solutions.  

  •    Engaging Eyes

  •    Fluency Builder

  •    Spelling Tutor

The ones each student should work are detailed in the table above.

Click the desired solution then
Select                 PLAY

For Engaging Eyes

This help students improve I tracking and convergence. To find out more about how this aids reading click here.

Ensure                You are wearing 3D glasses
Keep working    Until Engaging Eyes tells you your time is up (approx 10 minutes)

For Spelling Tutor 

Ensure you have a pen / pencil and the text book you have been given.
If you cannot find the textbook please use a piece of paper which you can slot in the textbook later.
Please ensure you return your textbook to your folder, and always bring the folder into Elevate Club.


Login here

Secret Word      Tiredbear

User ID               Enter your real name to find your monkey.

Select                 Reading & Spelling or Nessy Numbers



This solution help students improve working memory and processing speed plus many other cognitive skills. To find out more click here  

To login go to

Other helpful information


If you have any problems here are the Instructions to login to  Address:

Typing Speed Test

typing test.jpg

Typing Games

While typing games are fun they are not sufficient to learn how to touch type.  

They should be used as a reward for practising.  Always try to beat you previous highest score.

Typing Wars: Return of the Keyboard

Lesson         #10 Letters only : No shift

Difficulty      Beginner

Can you get on the Leader Board?

There are also games on

The timed tests on are hard as they include capital letters and punctuation.  This is an easier timed test.  

Do test yourself.  That way you can see how much you have improved.

Dyslexia Screen Test

Reading Test